#1 Decentralized Coin

Laurus coin is decentralized medium of exchange

Laurus coin leverages blockchain technology to facilitate digital payments.

Trusted by Marketplaces like

Use laurus coin in various plat

The Laurus coin was created with the intention of being utilized in various platforms like E-commerce, Hotels, Restaurants, Casino, Travel services, Gaming & entertainment.


LSCN is working with various well known market leaders of Ecommerce, you can use Laurus coin to buy things or services online.

Travel & Services

You can buy travel tickets , Hotel booking , Holiday packages and other travel service online using LSCN.

Gaming & Entertaimnent

Gaming and entertainment most growing industry every, Laurus coin now coming up popular gaming platform also with its own Metaverse project.


Get Started

How to get started with Laurus coin, you can buy laurus coin through Sunswap
Step 1

Choose your Wallet Download tronlink.
Avilable for both ios and Android

Step 2

Configure your Wallet After downloading, you can configure your wallet according to guide.

Step 3

Click On swap and choose LSCN in Sunswap inside tronlink app

Step 4

Swap laurus coin with TRX, USDT, BTC, ETH.


Laurs community is building up advanced technical platforms for LSCN holders, below is LSCN's future roadmap


Staking With extra benefits


start Utilization - E- commerce, Buy service, Tickets, subscription etc.

Own blockchain

Laurus technical team is working on developing own blockchain for LSCN

Own Exchange

After successfully launching blockchain, LSCN come up with most advanced crypto exchange platform.

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